Our very own ‘free range’ Mum Beth gives us her extra delicious granola recipe… already a firm fav at Kids of Bath HQ!

Pre Ramble

Every time I make granola it comes out differently which is part of the joy of the ‘wang it in’ method. Now and then a batch lights up all your little taste buds for a morning calypso and this nutty number is one of them.

This recipe is one I used at a yoga retreat in Ibiza where I nourished the tummies of hungry yogis. Up came a cry at the end of the week to divulge this recipe with the group so I thought it was worth sharing with you. It’s glorious when you stumble upon something that makes people so happy but that is simple and takes no time.

A structured morning routine was essential in a kitchen as snug as my Ibizian one and having a big bowl of granola ready to go every day made completing the breakfast prep more manageable. It allowed me time to take in the sunrises and write the weeks menus with coffee in hand and Magic the resident cat on lap. My intension was always to get up even earlier and join the group for early morning meditations and yoga. But the kitchen was my happy place so I’d always head straight there for quiet foodie contemplations.

Extra Ideas…

This will create about 15 servings, depending on the size of the mouths you are feeding. If it isn’t something you eat regularly, then halve the recipe so that you retain freshness.

You can also pop in to little bags, pretty up with a ribbon and give as gifts. Use to sprinkle on yoghurt or ice cream for some crunchy texture. Or simply pile in to a pretty bowl with your milk of choice and munch with a big spoon.


500g oats

a glug of light rapeseed oil

2 tbsp. of something sweet (maple syrup, agave or honey)

100g hazelnuts, roughly chopped

100g almonds, roughly chopped

100g desiccated coconut

100g pumpkin seeds

1 tsp. ground cardamom

1 tsp. cinnamon

pinch of salt

250g dried papaya

100g goji berries

What to do

Warm the oven to 170’C (Gas 3/325’F) I usually give the oven 10 minutes to get up to temperature.

Pop all the ingredients except goji berries and papaya in a bowl and mix well to ensure an even coating of oil and sweet stuff. Turn on to a baking tray large enough so that it can toast evenly.

Cooking time will vary depending on your oven but after 10 minutes, give it a shuffle and toast for another 10 minutes.

When the nuts are nicely coloured tip back in to the bowl, add the dried fruit and allow to cool. Give it a stir and pop in an airtight container.

The picture is by Matt Inwood and people can order my book through my website which is more or less ready! It’s www.beththefreerangechef.com