Yay, here’s a gem of a craft for you by our awesome crafty Bathonian Kate Woods...

With the recent cold weather and the incessant need to stay in I always feel the need to add a splash of colour to my house. Here’s a simple way of adding some colour to your rooms without splashing any cash on flowers and using up those horrible plastic straws that are in the bottom of your kitchen draw, that have never seen the light of day!!

You will need

Plastic straws (or paper ones)

Coloured paper





  1. Cut out the sheets of coloured paper into squares (4 equal sides) any size!
  2. Fold the paper diagonally to each corner ( make sure to press the folds down)
  3. Unfold your paper you should have a diagonal cross.
  4. Using your scissors cut along each of the 4 diagonal folds making sure to stop just before the centre (stop cutting 2cm from the centre)
  5. Add a blob of glue to the centre and fold the 4 alternate corner sections down to the centre.
  6. Using a little bit more glue add your pom-pom to the middle
  7. Glue your straw to the back of the windmill

These are for decoration but if you wanted to make your windmill move push a map pin through the middle of your windmill and into your straw.