Our delightful collaborator, Erica (incredible personal trainer and owner of Studio 37) helps us make the most of our precious me-time in Bath…

What with school days and half days and inset days and holiday days it seems like much of the week is taken up with organising kids, ferrying kids to and fro and generally playing mum (surely I’m not the only one out there who still feels, two kids in, that I’m not really a mum yet?!). So what happens when you find yourself with a rare few hours? Imagine the scene: the kids are with dad/partner/at granny’s house and you’re in Bath for a few rare hours on your own. No kids. No obligations…Sound good so far?

Well it sounds pretty great to me too but I have fallen into this vortex of smugness before only to find myself two hours later running for the Park and Ride having tried on lots of clothes that looked awful, having walked for miles and feeling just as ratty and stressed as if the kids had been with me all along. So ladies, learn from my mistakes and try this out next time you find yourself footloose and child free:

First stop Bobbi Brown: these makeup ninjas offer free lessons in perfect skin, smokey eye or the perfect lip to make you feel on top of the world. If you can book in advance to save disappointment then do. There’s no obligation to buy but they will send you on your merry way not only looking amazing but with a list of everything you’re wearing so that you can recreate it yourself at home.


Up next Toppings and Company Booksellers: if like me you are slowly rediscovering your bookwormish ways post the broken nights and early mornings, Toppings is the perfect pit stop. Not only is their selection of books (and events) second to none but you can sit and browse with a coffee, which you can even drink whilst it’s still hot what with the kids being otherwise engaged…what’s not to love!


Let’s be honest, no modern me time would be complete without that all important instagrammable meal. So, lunch…where to suggest? For me Beyond the Kale in Green Park is a total winner and their roasted vegetable wrap is to die for! Add to that some of the most awesome sweet treats and a juice menu to revive even the most sluggish of days and this place will leave you ready to jump right back into Mum life.


Last stop is a takeaway coffee from Society Cafe  on Kingsmead Square to keep you going until dinner! If you have the time to stop not only are the staff here the friendliest bunch, they have an enviable array of coffee table books to browse through like you did on the those hungover Saturdays of old when the weekend was all about drinking and dancing.


There you have it, operation me time complete!