Get creative with our very own Kate Woods… because who wouldn’t want a gorgeous pet hamster…

Nevil is a super fit hamster, he wakes up early every morning skips around his cage, does at least 20 roly poly’s before his breakfast of sesame seed granola bars and then has a spin in his wheel. He loves to work out!

You will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Orange wool
  • Brown felt (ears)
  • Pink felt (paws,feet and nose)
  • White felt (teeth)
  • Black eye beads x 2
  • Scissors/PVA glue

Step 1-  Using scissors cut two large circle’s out of cardboard (you can use an old shoe box or cereal box) then draw a smaller  circle in the middle or each disk and cut out the hole. (you may need to ask an adult to do this- this bit can be a tricky)

Here is a rough guide to pom-pom sizes:

Pompom Size     Outer radius circle size    Inner circle radius size

Small                    2cm                                  0.8cm

Medium                3cm                                  1.2cm

Large                    4cm                                 1.6cm


Step 2 – Place the disks on-top of each other so that the inner circle matches up.

Step 3- Now here is the fun bit! Using your lovely wool start wrapping the it around the disk, thread the wool through the hole and around the outside.  Keep doing this until the inner circle is nearly filled with wool and you can only see a small hole. Cut the end of the wool and tuck the last bit of wool into the wool wrap.

Top Tip!- Don’t wrap the wool too tightly, otherwise you will not be able to wiggle your scissors into the wool wrap!

Step 4 –  Tricky bit-Best to ask an adult for help with this part. Wiggle your scissors into the wool around the edge of the circle and start cutting until you get to the carboard.  Keep cutting all the way round the circle.

Step 5– Cut a a strand of wool (roughly 30cm long) pull it in between the two disks. Wrap it round the wrapped wool, try to make it as tight as possible, then tie with a couple of knots. Remove the 2 cardboard disks by cutting them with scissors.

Step 6- This pom pom needs a haircut! Using scissors start trimming the pom-pom into a circular shape.

Step 7- Using brown felt, cut out the shape of  2 hamster ears ( you can find the templates in the back of the book) Add glue to the straight egde of the ears  and wedge them into either side of the pom-pom head.

Step 8- Using pink felt, cut out the shape of 4 little hamster paws and a cute nose ( you can find the templates in the back of the book). Add glue to the straight edges of the paws and glue them in place, repeat this process for the nose.

Step 9- Glue the hamster’s eyes in place. Using white felt , cut out the shape of the hamster’s teeth, add glue and stick under the nose.

Step 10- Finally add your mini sweat band, and  Nevil is ready for his work out!! On your marks, get set go.

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