If the kids fancy getting a bit crafty this Valentine’s Day then Kate Woods Crafts gives us the perfect step-by-step solution….

It’s that time of year! When you frantically rush to the supermarket and buy chocolates and a tacky card for your loved one! How about this year don’t bother!! …and make one of these instead? Nothing says I love you more than a heart arrow!

What you need:

Small twigs from the garden

Pink, purple and gold card




  1. Draw and cut out from your card 2 x heart shapes. Place the twig in the middle of the heart and place the other heart over the top and glue.
  2. Do the same for the fletching ( the feathery bit) of the arrow. Cut out and place the twig in the middle of the fletching and place the other piece of card over the top and glue.
  3. And that’s it, quick and easy!