Get the kids to use their imaginations with the fab Kate Woods as she guides us through making a shoe box doll’s house!

It always seems a bit of a shame to get rid of that lovely shoe box and I’m sure at this time of year every household has quite a few! Well why not make one into a doll’s house? I have to say this is one of the most satisfying things to make! It’s basically playing the interior game without spending any money. Ooo I like that I’ll just cut it out and stick it in!  I am not sure who enjoyed making this more me or the girls! Plus every time you buy a new pair of shoes or someone else wants to throw their shoe box out, you get to make another room! Bedroom with a swing and slide in? Play room with a rock climbing wall?! Sure why not!

You need:

Shoe box

Patterned paper (or wrapping paper) (enough to paper the inside of a shoe box)

Old interior magazine


Glue stick


  1. Cut out 5 sheets of patterned paper and glue to the inside oF the show box.
  2. Cut out as many things as you want from an old interior magazine and start creating your dream room
  3. And that is it!

Et voila! What a fab thing thing to do!