To start the Easter holidays off on a positive note, our gorgeous collaborator Sal, owner of a Mindful Kin, promoting ‘mindfulness for children and the whole,’ has given us this lovely activity to share with our little ones…

Here’s a super simple activity to encourage kindness:

  • Get a jar and some special items (pom-poms/glass gems/large beads/small plastic figures – whatever your little one likes!)
  • Discuss what it means to be kind, how it makes people feel, different ways to be kind and so on.
  • Explain that each time your little one does something kind they can choose one of the items to put in the jar.
  • See how many they can collect!

If you find they need a little more motivation, you can agree a special treat at the start of the challenge to swap the items for when the jar is full, or when it has reached a certain point (use an elastic band as a marker). Make the goal achievable for younger children by making sure the special items aren’t too small or the jar too big! You could start with a goal of around 5 or so items and then increase it gradually.