Make a Day of the Dead skull garland with our ever-so-clever Kate Woods, craft designer and writer…



It’s that time of year again! Happy Halloween! I prefer to make Halloween less spider webby and scary and a bit more colourful and sparkly, so this skull garland is in homage to the Day of the Dead.

You will need:



Coloured Paper (any colour you like) A5 in size




Flower Cutter (or you could cut out flowers yourself)


  1. Fold paper in half
  2. Draw half of your skull face next to the folded edge
  3. Cut around the skull face and teeth and eyes (you may want to ask an adult to help you with the smaller patterns in the skull)
  4. Fold out flat to reveal your skull…and then crack on with the rest!
  5. Glue cut flowers to the top of each skull
  6. Glue the skulls to your ribbon, and then hang up and enjoy your Halloween!