To continue the theme of a celebration of Mother’s Day, our very own fab mum and collaborator Laura Hilton of Hilton Health shares with us a few timely ideas ahead of the big day!

Spring is most definitely in the air now, and with it comes that day during which us mums are given some recognition for all that we do; Mother’s Day. A few (not-so) subtle hints may well need to be dropped, but hopefully you will somehow be celebrated that day. You may even be lucky and be asked what you would like to do on Mother’s Day. If you are one of the lucky few to be asked that question, but don’t want to celebrate simply by eating and drinking lots, here are a few other ways you can indulge on Mother’s Day without going overboard with the food and drink…

1. Ask for a bunch of flowers.

Nothing warms the soul like a beautiful bunch of flowers. Whether picked from the garden or field by your children, bought from a supermarket or from the fabulous Pulteney Bridge Flowers, a bunch of flowers makes you happy every time you look at them.

2. Do an activity you enjoy

This could be a family activity like a walk or bike ride, or could be something you go off and do on your own or with a friend such as a run, yoga class, climbing session, gym session or paddle boarding. There are so many different opportunities to get active on our doorstep, that it can be hard to pick just one to do on Mother’s Day. One of my favourite things to do at this time of year is to wander around the Botanical Garden in Royal Victoria Park. It’s normally around now that the beautiful magnolia come into bloom, and they are simply stunning on a sunny spring day.

  1. Do something touristy

Make the most of living in a touristy area by spending a day pretending that you’re one of them. You could go visit the Roman Baths, do one of the open-top bus tours, go and admire the crescents and/or Circus, or even go on a trip to Thermae Bath Spa. We rarely visit tourist attractions on our doorstep but doing so can be great fun. Besides this it not only helps us appreciate our local area more, but may also help us learn more about it too. Just don’t forget to arm yourself with your free Discovery Card and make the most of the discounts that it offers you.

  1. Take to the water

Explore our city’s waterways by either taking part in a paddle boarding sessions, or if you fancy just sitting back and relaxing you could hire a narrow boat for the day. You can pack a picnic, or see if you can get as far as a pub. However you take to the water you’ll end up seeing the city from a whole different perspective.

  1. A Pulteney Picnic

If the weather’s nice make the most of your Discovery Card by utilising your free access to the Parade Gardens. Swing into Waitrose on the way to pick up a healthy picnic, and spend a blissful hour or so watching the ducks and squirrels whilst admiring our beautiful city and one of the most famous bridges in the country.

  1. Trust that you’ll have a lovely day

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to National Trust properties to enjoy on our doorstep. Whether you’re a member or not Mother’s Day is a great excuse to make the most of them. Tyntesfield has fabulous play areas throughout its grounds, Long Wood has a fairy trail and brilliant play area and is free for anyone to enter, Dyrham Park has great play areas for those with younger children, Prior Park is a stunning oasis within the city and Stourhead with its grottos, temples and incredible grounds offers so much to explore. The hardest decision of a National Trust day is picking which property to head for.

  1. Books and bubbles

If you find yourself in the city centre on Mother’s Day with your kids and partner or another responsible adult, send them all off for an hour and then spend some time exploring our wonderful independent book shops, Mr B’s Emporium and Topping and Company. Treat yourself to an actual book, knowing that in doing so you’re supporting these wonderful independents that Bath would simply not be the same without. Finish your hour by popping to Neal’s Yard, Waitrose or Lush and treating yourself to a lovely bottle of bubble bath… (to be continued)

  1. Time for a soak (continued from above)

Arm yourself with something to read, a cuppa, and a nice candle and some bubble bath then head to the bathroom and LOCK THE DOOR. Have an indulgent bubble bath and make sure everyone knows to leave you in peace while you’re in there.

  1. Claim a lie-in

Do you remember what a lie-in is? Whilst staying in bed until 1pm as you did as a teenager may be totally impossible now, you certainly should be able to enlist help to be able to make it until 8 or even 9am. You’ve most definitely earned it. Doze, read, enjoy a cuppa, whatever, just relish the opportunity to NOT have to bounce out of bed as soon as the little people start to stir.

  1. Watch a sunset

Find out what time sunset will be (the MetOffice website or app will tell you) and head to a nearby hill to watch it. Take a picnic blanket and a flask of a warm drink and enjoy watching the day fade. One of my favourite places to do that is looking over towards Prior Park from the Skyline walk. It’s so wonderful that you can’t quite believe that you can do this for free.

Hopefully these ideas give you some inspiration to have one of your happiest and healthiest Mother’s Days yet. Leave this tab open to be discovered or if you need a slightly less subtle approach you could print it out and even highlight the things you fancy doing. Please let us know what you end up doing and enjoy every moment. You deserve it.