The creative goddesses at Glow Beauty teach us how to create Halloween nails at home…


Crisp, autumn days have always filled me with excitement, as the final part of the year is always guaranteed to be crammed full of fun. We’ve bonfire night, carnivals and sleigh loads of festive merriment to look forward to, but first, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the end of October brings us Halloween… muha ha ha…!

I have always enjoyed Halloween. As a child, I meticulously planned my outfits, hair and makeup but as we didn’t go out trick or treating, I was literally all dressed up with nowhere to go (albeit looking fabulous!) These days, I’ve pretty much hung up my cape, but I love seeing the efforts of others. Whether it’s our mini locals trick or treating or a more grown up crowd heading out for some spooky amusement, the work that goes into some of these costumes is impressive!

At Glow, we are all about attention to detail and understand that sometimes it’s the littlest touches that can make the biggest difference.  I’m talking nail art here… it doesn’t have to be crazy (although it absolutely can be!) it could just be a little nod to the scary season. Just a google search on Halloween inspired nails will bring up a huge selection of spooky designs.

When it comes to nail art, in my opinion, it’s best to keep things simple. Especially if attempting designs on your own nails as you’ll need to replicate the image you’ve created using your dominant hand with your not such steady hand. Keeping things simple will assist in this, enabling you to achieve (we hope!) a pair of suitably matching hands. Here are a few of our spooky favourites and a little help on how to recreate them.

Before starting, ensure you have everything you need easily to hand (rummaging through drawers with freshly painted nails will have your heart racing faster than if you were watching Scream boxset!). Basecoat, nail colours, top coat, accessories (glitter?! Studs?!) orangewood stick or, if you can get your mitts on a nail art kit with a dotting tool and fine brushes, it’ll make being creative far easier!

The key to a long lasting manicure is making sure that the nails are prepped ready for product application. First, on clean nails, gently push back overgrown cuticles with an orangewood stick and file nails to your desired shape. I’d advise working to complete one hand fully before starting on the next as things could get messy if you try to do both!

After washing and drying your hands, paint a thin layer of base coat (we love O.P.I for natural nails). Base coat is so important, firstly, it protects the natural nail from staining and many of the basecoats on the market today also help to nourish the nail during wear. Secondly, you’ll usually find your manicure will last a lot longer if you use a basecoat as they almost act like sticky back plastic, helping the colour to safely adhere to the nail plate better than if colour was applied directly to it.

Once this base layer is dry, you’ll be ready to start with your main colour. We recommend two, thin layers of colour and if you’re able to stick to three swipes of the nail starting from cuticle to tip, centre swipe first – even better! Ensure that between each layer you allow time for the polish to dry. This will eliminate the chances of the product ‘dragging’ and will give you a better overall finish.

Now for the fun bit!! Are you ready?!

So, let’s say you were going for this little number, a manicure disaster, bloody cuticles! We’ve painted the nails a neutral colour for an authentic look, and, starting midway down the nail, working your way up, use your trusty orangewood stick at the pointy end (or, if you have a nail art kit, use your dotting tool and fine brush) to create the illusion of a manicure gone horribly wrong!!


We also love these spiders and webs. I’d recommend using a fine nail art brush to recreate the delicate strands of the web and my advice would be to confidently swipe the brush in one swift movement from edge to edge, rather than trying to be too slow and precise (give it a try on your bare nails first to master the technique.) For the spiders again, we used our dotting tool. However, for this, I would take my time but try not to over think it as that’s when shaky hands could appear! You can do as little or as much as you please, you could have a whole hand of webs or keep it simple with just the one, accent nail design.

Once you are satisfied with your work, be sure to seal it in with a high gloss top coat (we love O.P.Is Rapid Dry.) Nail art can be so much fun, a chance to show off your creative talents and if it doesn’t work out how you’d like first time, you can always remove and start again!

If you think you’d may like to try something a little less time consuming, we saw some great Halloween nail decals on Etsy that promise to be easy to apply and look so effective.



At Glow we always welcome a chance to put our nail art skills to the test using either polish or gel polish. Here’s a design we’ve just finished on Kids of Bath co-founder, Sophie!

If you’d like Steph or Evie to work their magic on you, get in touch via!