This week we have a special guest appearance from Fleur who tells of her passion for making things….

My name is Fleur Richter-Heap, 11. I  attended Swainswick Primary School and at the end of almost every school day I would go to Swainswick Explorers after school club.  I encountered lots of different things there that I now still have a passion for.

During the times I have been at Explorers I have learnt creative things like sewing, blacksmithing, felting and especially enjoyed the water play – sliding down a plastic sheet in the summer and the ‘hot bath’ in the winter.

When I first started I was very shy and didn’t really like communicating with other people. After a while I found my place in the wood workshop building things with wood and other recycled materials like metal bits and bobs, bottle tops and corks.  I began to enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas with other children and adults.

After sometime there I made friends with children from other schools and, as well as going to the workshop I loved doing hama beads and going in the art room to do batik.  I invented these funny little sewn creatures when I was in year 6 and it sparked other children’s imaginations to make their own.

Now I have started secondary school I feel Swainswick Explorers has helped me gain courage and to be confident. I still go to there on Tuesdays after school as a volunteer helping children with the different activities.  Recently I taught some children at club how to do ‘Iris Folding’. You cut up strips of paper and sellotape them at different levels onto a pre-cut shape, according to a pattern. After you have done that you turn it over and you have a beautiful piece of art! See the picture of the Kingfisher.  You can find template patterns and instructions on the internet.

Is your child another budding designer/craftsperson? Swainswick Explorers picks up from many local schools on the northside of Bath, Mondays – Thursdays and runs crafty days on Saturdays and in the holidays. See for more news and play dates.