The fabulous Kate Woods gives us her step-by-step instructions to turning the most common of house hold recyclables (yes… loo rolls!) into something very exciting! Are you ready to blast off?!

Yup you guessed it! I have an obsession with loo rolls and here is the latest addition to the loo roll crafts…a ROCKET! Not sure whether it flies well but hey you can put an action figure in it and throw it about !

You will need:

Loo Roll

A4 white card

Yellow/Red/Orange/Silver/white paper

Yellow pom-pom x 2

Black pen

Red Pen





  1. Using a sheet of white paper, cut a long rectangle and wrap round the loo roll and glue.
  2. Draw out a window in the centre of the loo roll and cut out (you may need to ask an adult to do this)
  3. Using your sheet of white card draw out the wings of your rocket and cut out.
  4. With your black and red pen colour in the wings and base of your rocket (go wild if you like!)
  5. Cut out some thin strips of yellow paper and glue to the top and bottom of your loo roll.
  6. Cut out two stars from your silver paper and glue to the wings.
  7. Glue the yellow pom-poms to the centre of each star.
  8. Using the red, orange and yellow paper draw out the flames, stick the orange on top of the red and the yellow on top of the orange, then glue to the inside of the loo roll (bottom part)
  9. Now glue the loo roll to the wings and 5,4,3,2,1….. We have lift off!

If you’d like to find out more about Kate Woods Crafts then head over to her facebook page, she is also stocked in lots of lovely local independent retailers such as Leak and Bluebells of Bath!