Yes! Four day weekend here we are… so it’s sunny… and the kids need something to do…. so our fabulous Kate Woods Crafts has just the answer, and we bet you have the paints and the sticks too (if not then popping to the nearest green area to collect sticks is something you can do too!)… 

As you can tell I am a hoarder, I collect a lot of things that I could make things out of! I have kept these 2 lovely pieces of driftwood for almost 4 years now and and decided now is the time to do something with them. Again another very simple craft that could be great as a piece of art  for your home

You will need


Paints- I used Gouache and Acrylic

Paint brush


  1. Make sure your piece of wood is nice and dry
  2. Simply paint whatever pattern you like.
  3. Leave to dry and that’s it, voila – driftwood art done.