So hands up…. who here loves dressing up?! Whose kids love dressing up?!! Well here’s a fruity idea for you produced by none other by our fabulous collaborator Kate Woods Crafts, whom we sent on a mission to make us a Carmen Miranda head piece in time for next week’s local Shindig Festival! Plus the best thing is that you will probably have all the items needed to make this number provided you’re willing to sacrifice a couple of your child’s beloved plastic kitchen items!!
You will need:
Plastic Fruit
2 x Large piece of fabric
Fake flowers
Glue Gun
1) Super easy to make, simple wrap a large piece of fabric around your head several times.
2) With a separate piece of fabric, make a large bow and glue onto the fabric
3) Fun bit! then glue everything you can onto the fabric.
et voila, Carmen Miranda done! Thanks to Kate Woods Craft for the top notch effort!