This week the fab Kate Woods Crafts get all crafty just in time for Mother’s Day….

Nothing says I love you Mum than a homemade gift. Why not make these brightly coloured paper flowers?, super easy and all you need is colourful paper and straws.

You will need:

Coloured paper
Paper Straws
Hole Punch


    1. Cut out a square piece of paper that’s about 3 x 3”.
    2. Fold the square in half and cut the paper in a half moon shape on the fold
    3. With your half moon shape, fold the paper in half two more times.
    4. Hold the paper by the pointed side, and cut the petal shapes.
    5. Unfold and hole punch in the center. Slip over straw.
    6. To create the fringe centre of the flower, cut a strip of paper that’s about 2” long by 1⁄2” wide. Cut fringe into the paper by making slits in the paper with scissors. Cut the strip to measure around the straw, glue edges, and slip over straw. Pull the fringe or teeth away from the straw.
    7. Cut out a leaf shape, hole punch, and slip under the flower.

And that’s it! Once you start you will not be able to stop!