The beautiful Emma from Grace & Ted on Kingsmead Square tells us why 2020 should be the year to refine, organise and focus… your wardrobe that is!

Yeah sureeeee, it’s gonna take a bit more than a New Year to make me more organised…Saying that though, I am more than a little obsessed with the Netflix show ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’. Not only is she an absolute calming delight to watch, she does actually inspire me to organise my home and the stuff in it.

Author of ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ Marie Kondo is an expert in organisation; encouraging the participants on her show to choose only to keep the things that “spark joy” and to get rid of the rest.

Sorting out a whole house is really hard and takes a lot of time, let’s face it. So why not start with something a little more manageable? Something we peer into every morning?

To ease ourselves into January and towards a more refined, organised and focused 2019, I thought I’d share Grace & Ted’s top tips for an organised wardrobe.


It’s often hard to part with clothes, shoes and bags that we have spent our hard earned money on, with many of us convincing ourselves that we will wear it! If you’re unsure about anything, put it into a box and store it for 6 months. If after this time you haven’t opened it, you know it’s time to part with some things.

Marie Kondo asks the guests on her show to hold each item of clothing and to decide whether or not it “sparks joy” – this is a sentiment we love…after all, the clothes we wear should inspire, excite and make us feel good.

If I grab that sweater that clings in all the wrong places and makes me feel lumpy, I know it has no place in my wardrobe, regardless of how much it cost.

The pieces that you love and wear can then be divided into seasons. If you’re short on space, fold and store the items that are ‘out of season’ and fill your wardrobe with weather-appropriate things.


  • Use the same kind of hanger (never wire) and have them all facing the same way in your wardrobe, that way you won’t be distracted by untidiness and it’ll make staring at your clothes every morning far more pleasing.
  • Ensure your clothes have enough space. Overcrowding can lead to humidity and those dreaded moths. If you do have a moth problem, head to Lakeland for their ‘Moth Stop’ hangers and sprays; they work a treat!
  • Fold cashmere and silk, don’t hang. This way they will hold their shape and are less likely to be pulled/damaged.
  • If something needs to be stored in a garment bag, choose a breathable fabric like cotton (TOAST sell great ones, starting at £8)
  • Never store leather in plastic – it needs to breathe!
  • Put a diffuser in your wardrobe so that you’re greeted with sweet scents when you open the doors.
  • Store your treasured handbags in their dust bags to keep them looking their best.
  • If you have a lot of shoes in boxes, tape a photo of the shoes to the front of the box so you can find which pair you’re looking for at a glance.


Once you’ve identified which items you wear and which you don’t – it’s time to detox! Pieces that are designer or top-end high street brands can be taken to your local consignment/resale shop (like Grace & Ted…*wink*) to be sold. Resale shops sell the items on your behalf, normally taking 50% of the final selling price and paying the remainder straight to your bank.
You get some money back for your unloved clothing and someone else gets to enjoy the items you no longer use – everyone’s a winner!

Anything not suitable for a resale store can then be donated to your local charity shop. They are always so grateful for new stock and there’ll be a hell of a lot of good karma coming your way.

Once you’ve done this, all that’s left is to enjoy your wardrobe and getting dressed in the morning….and maybe start on another part of the house. Maybe.

Tips for life right there! Thank you Emma! Who knew you shouldn’t store leather in plastic? For general pearls of wisdom and shopping requirements then head on down to Grace & Ted and see Emma!!