The lovely Hannah the Runner gives us some encouragement and reasons why running the Bath Half is a great idea…

  1. Having a big goal to aim for will motivate you to get out and run through the winter
  2. You can raise money for a good cause
  3. You’ll earn a shiny medal
  4. It will impress your friends and colleagues
  5. You get to experience our city in a totally different way
  6. You’ll get fit
  7. You can eat cake guilt free
  8. Running improves your mental health
  9. You might as well… if you’re already a runner and you live in Bath people are going to ask if you’ve run the Bath Half… bow to the inevitable
  10. Fancy a 5K PB? Half marathon training will benefit you on shorter distances too
  11. Seeing you achieve something big demonstrates to your children how to aim high
  12. Putting in a solid few months of training will kickstart a health habit that will last beyond the race

Well now, that does seem like a pretty good few reasons as to why we should be signing up!! To find out more about Bath Half group training with Hannah the Runner at or on social media @hannahtherunner 

To sign up for the 2020 Bath Half visit