Introducing our very first Kids of Bath Superstar! The wonderful Clare Young, of Seed Nutrition, who helps mums feel healthier, happier and more confident in motherhood. AMAZING! Read all about this incredible woman and her brilliant business here….

Business name: Seed Nutrition

Your name: Clare Young

Where are you based and what do you do?

I work from The Practice Rooms in Bath City Centre and I run private nutrition consultations, designing tailor made food and lifestyle plans for busy, tired mums who are feeling worn out, overwhelmed and struggling to get their energy back. I inspire and guide them to make realistic and achievable changes that make a big difference. I help make it possible to manage their busy lifestyles and juggle parenthood without feeling overwhelmed by a set of complicated dietary changes.

I also run workshops and talks in Bath and Bristol around subjects such as Baby Weaning, Child Nutrition, Nutrition for Tired Mum’s and during pregnancy.

What inspired you to start your business?

The lack of information surrounding the importance of what we eat and the lifestyles we have and how this affects a healthy pregnancy and the growth and development of our children. There is so much helpful and interesting information to share!

What do you love about running a business in Bath?

I get to walk around a beautiful city on my way to and from work. I have lived here for 17 years and I love it.

You’ve got five minutes to grab a sandwich, where do you go?

Cascara would be my top lunch spot, I’m a bit biased because I used to work in their kitchen but I love all the dips, the range of tasty and filling salads and yummy soup. Their coffee (Extract) is the best, oh and the loaded toast for breakfast! I also like the big Boston Tea Party at the top of town for a salad bowl or eggs and avocado toast. So many great places to eat!

Where’s your favourite place to book for a business lunch or a meal/drink after a tough day?

Either Bath Soft Cheese Company in Kelston for lunch in the fresh air and countryside or Pintxo de Bath on Barton Street for an evening meal. The tapas is incredible!

Tell us about another Bath business you love and why?

Fox and Kit Cafe in The Corridor – it has revolutionised my day time meet-ups with friends. I know my daughter will be content playing with all the lovely toys, especially the kitchen, and snacking on the delicious food they have to offer. It’s warm, it’s clean, it serves great coffee and I can chat to friends knowing that my daughter is safe and not about to escape out the door.

What advice would you give to someone starting a business in the city?

Network, meet other business owners, get involved in events around the city and find your tribe!