Local composer and children’s author, Gabrielle Amelia Ridgeon, is excited to be launching specialist music classes for children in Bath later this month!

Making Music with Monty classes are a fun and engaging way to introduce children aged 4-7 to music. Using the material from Gabrielle’s musical storybook series ‘Monty the Maestro and his Marvellous Magical Orchestra’, the classes will take the children on a captivating music making adventure.
The focus for Making Music with Monty is based on discovering creativity. Each week the children will be encouraged to explore their imaginations and experiment with musical ideas through storytelling.
Gabrielle believes that a child’s introduction to music should always be fun and entertaining. “All too often you see children being taught initial musical skills with an instrument in their hand. In the past I have seen this approach overwhelm a great number of children and sometimes it puts them off music altogether.  
Monty class is that in between step! It subtly teaches children everything they need to know about music before they start learning a musical instrument. So they don’t need to worry about how their instrument works or having to do practice every night – they can just enjoy being immersed and fascinated by music.
Making Music with Monty classes give children the opportunity to listen, play, create and collaborate with other children. They teach children all the initial musical skills they need and expose them to all of the musical instruments. By the time the children reach the end of their journey with Monty, they will be fully prepared for their next musical chapter – learning an instrument”.

These unique classes will be taking place on weekdays after school in Bath.  

Class bookings are open now, DON’T miss out!

To register your interest please click here: www.bitly.com/making-music-monty-register

For further questions about the classes please email: sayhello@montythemaestro.com